Air Transportation Services

A Cessna Citation XLS+ jet, capable of seating up to eight people, is available for use by University departments. Using the jet can provide time-savings and flexibility that commercial flights cannot, especially if you have more than one destination or if you have more than three or four people traveling. To obtain flight time estimates or to make reservations, please contact Flight Services at 434-531-4727. For current rates, please go to the rates section.

Air Transportation Services

The flight services department works closely with the clients to schedule itineraries that meet a client's needs. Factors both within and out of the flight services control can impact whether a client's desired itinerary can be executed including, among other things, weather, airport services, condition of the airplane, crew requirements, and flight operational hours. By policy, flight decisions are made by the Pilot in Command. Safety is the first consideration.

For planning a successful itinerary, clients should consider the following guidelines:

  • Clients should contact the flight services department to plan an itinerary as early as possible in the process.
  • Clients should anticipate that the President's Office takes priority in scheduling flights.
  • Clients should build in flexibility and contingency plans for unexpected issues that may be encountered while on trips. Clients are responsible for additional charges for flight hours and pilot expenses (meals, hotels, etc.) due to unanticipated changes to itinerary. For example, a weather condition at the destination airport may create delays or may require diversion to other airports.
  • Flight operating hours are generally 6AM-Midnight. Clients requesting itineraries outside these hours or requesting itineraries that have extensive hours of wait time between legs may require the client and the flight services department to work together to adjust itineraries to align with safe operating procedures.

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