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View Unofficial Transcript

The unofficial advising transcript is intended for advising purposes at the University of Virginia, and will contain more detailed information than the official transcript. If a student has received transfer credits, AP scores, and test credit, these will be reflected in the upper left corner on the unofficial advising transcript in a detailed list.

The official transcript will not provide a detailed list of transfer/test credits information. It will only indicate where the credits transferred from, type of transfer credit, and the total number of credit hours that transferred.

Current and Former Students (with NetBadge)

Trouble viewing your unofficial transcript? You must allow pop-up windows. Your unofficial transcript will be presented as a PDF document.

Former Students (without NetBadge)

If you are a former student (enrolled in a class prior to 2012) and do not know or remember your (NetBadge) login, please follow the instructions below to request access.

Instructions to Request Electronic Access:

Please complete BOTH steps below:

    Step 1: Complete the online Request for Electronic Access to your Academic Record form,
    Step 2: Provide your signature via the Signature Page, then fax to 434-924-4156 or email to [email protected].

    Note: Both steps are required!

Your request will be processed within two business days. When your NetBadge account has been activated and is available for your use, you will receive an email notification with your login information to the email address provided on the request form. (Please remember to keep your login and password in a safe place.)

Once you have a NetBadge account, you will be able to:

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