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Veterans' Educational Benefits FAQs

General Information

I am planning to apply to a degree program, and would like to take a refresher course. Can I use my benefits to cover the costs?

Will I automatically receive my benefits next term?

When should I submit next term?s Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form?


Does UVA participate in the Yellow Ribbon program?

Do I have to attend full-time to use my benefits?


I need to withdraw from the University and I paid for the term using Veterans' Educational Benefits. Can the certification be reversed? What happens then?

Can I use my benefits for a study abroad program?

I am pursuing a degree at UVA and would like to attend another university as a visiting student. I would like to use my VA Educational Benefits to pay my tuition. What steps must I take?

I would like to be certified for a semester that I have already completed. Is that possible? What is the process?


Will I need to pre-pay my tuition at the start of term to ensure my bill is not past due?

I receive federal tuition assistance, and I am also eligible to receive Veterans' Educational Benefits. Can I use both funding sources this term?

Why was the tuition amount certified to the VA less than the amount I was charged?

I received a letter from the VA stating that the University reported my tuition as $0. Why did this happen?

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