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Counseling and Psychological Services

Harrison Bowne "Tersh" Smith Jr. Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Location: Student Health Center, 400 Brandon Avenue
(two blocks from UVa Hospital on Jefferson Park Avenue between Monroe and Brandon Avenue)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 800760, Charlottesville, VA 22908-0760

Daytime Phone (Monday – Friday): 434-243-5150
After Hours and Weekend Crisis Assistance: 434-297-4261
Fax: 434-243-6693

CAPS Supports Students Following Charlottesville Violence

Following the events that occurred on Grounds and in downtown Charlottesville last weekend, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) acknowledges the traumatic impact on our UVA community. Students may experience a variety of emotions including anger, sadness, hurt, confusion, or fear. In keeping with the mission of the Division of Student Affairs, CAPS is committed to upholding diversity and multiculturalism in all aspects of our work. As such, CAPS strives to create an environment that affirms the inherent value and dignity of all persons. We encourage you seek support in ways that feel most helpful and reassuring to you, at CAPS or elsewhere.

Some additional self-care strategies to keep in mind include:

Unplug: Take Breaks. Aim for a balanced media diet. Gravitate toward good or inspiring news, rather than only negative news. Take a break from your phone, and talk to people. Say hello as you pass fellow Hoos on Grounds.

Connect: Connect with supportive friends, allies, family, and others who share you concern. Tell others you care about them and are available to support them. Walk away from unproductive or harmful interactions. Look for opportunities to build bridges.

Recharge: Focus on restoring yourself. Stick to your routine. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, exercise, meditate, laugh, go outside, and play! Incorporate activities that make you feel good and allow you to relax.

Take Action: Explore options for ways to voice your concerns and worries in a healthy way. Focus on what you can control, rather than what you are unable to control.

Please review messages from President Sullivan, The Board of Visitors, Dean Groves, Vice President Lampkin and others:

Other Resources:

Learn More about Growth Groups at CAPS

About Us

The U.Va. Department of Student Health, Harrison Bowne "Tersh" Smith Jr., Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the University of Virginia's primary student counseling clinic.?Our mission is to be responsive to the mental health needs of U.Va. students while also providing consultation, education, outreach and crisis management to the broader U.Va. community.

For all students

Getting Started at CAPS: Call 434-243-5150.? You will be scheduled for a brief screening phone call within one to two business days.?At that time a CAPS clinician will call your cell phone (or land line) and have a 15 to 20 minute phone conversation with you.? You will be asked questions about what you need help with and how you are functioning.?Based on that discussion you will receive a recommendation that could include:

  • Coming to CAPS for a same-day emergency appointment
  • Coming to CAPS for an urgent intake within 1 to 3 days
  • Coming to CAPS for the next available standard intake
  • A referral to other U.Va. offices, a Charlottesville community provider and/or referral to on-line help options

Returning Students – Call 434-243-5150. If you have previously been seen at CAPS, it is best to ask to speak with your previous provider.

Emergencies (weekdays when open) – Call 434-243-5150. If you are concerned that you will not be able to avoid hurting yourself or someone else, or you feel that you are in crisis and your efforts to manage it are not successful, call CAPS immediately and ask to speak with the emergency consult clinician. ?

After Hours or Weekend Emergencies – Call 434-297-4261 (CAPS Answering Service). If you are concerned that you will not be able to avoid hurting yourself or someone else, or you feel that you are in crisis and your efforts to manage it are not successful, call the CAPS Answering Service immediately and ask to speak with the emergency consult clinician.? The answering service will contact the emergency clinician who will call you back and provide assistance.??

Concerns Regarding a Student (other than the caller) - If you are concerned about another student, call 434-243-5150 during business hours, and request the consulting clinician.? After hours and on weekends, call 434-297-4261 and ask to speak with the emergency consult clinician.? Consultation regarding students is also available to U.Va. faculty, administrators and staff.

FAQs regarding the Brief Screening process

More information for students who are suicidal, in crisis or concerned about someone who is

Information about warning signs of emotional/psychological distress

How Faculty can Help: Providing Support During Distressing Times

Initial Appointments, Confidentiality and Overview of CAPS Services:

A few FAQs about CAPS

Brief Therapy at CAPS

Group Psychotherapy at CAPS

CAPS Psychiatric Services

CAPS Outreach and Prevention Services

Counseling Services at the Law School

Meet CAPS Staff (pictures and bios)

Student Health Eating Disorders Consultation and Treatment Team

Additional Information and Important Links:

Medical (Psychiatric) Withdrawal and Reenrollment – Important Forms and Letters

Self-Help Links and Mental Health Websites

Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness Resources

CAPS Release of Information Form

Assessing Your Own Emotional/Psychological Health - Online Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Resources at the University of Virginia

How Members of the UVA Community Can Care for Themselves and Each Other in Experiences of Grief and Loss

Coping After the Loss of a Friend or Family Member to Suicide

How Faculty Can Help: Providing Support During Distressing Times

Video: Suicide Awareness: Building a Caring Community One Conversation at a Time

Suicide Awareness Information

Coping after Bias Motivated Incidents

Transgender Care

Professional Training and Development:

CAPS Training for Mental Health Professionals

Sorensen Trust for the Study of British Object Relations: Applications for Grants Money

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